Want a voice for your project? Personally crafted voice-overs by Asheida to make your project a success! Whether its sultry and poised, assertive, authoritative or animated, Asheida can provide you with a voice that speaks volumes for your project needs.

Asheida has done voice overs for online commercials, hypnotherapy and guided meditations. She is also featured as a voice artist on voices.com which is considered the number one voice over marketplace for voice talent.


Asheida has been the voice for over 100 downloadable hypnotherapy recordings with U.S. company Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy. Covering a wide variety of subjects including Anxiety and Stress Management, Smoking Cessation, Sweet Tooth, Insomnia, and Hypno-birthing. Asheida has provided the voice and production for kid’s series, Calming Bedtime Stories and Meditations for kids.

Integrated Guided Meditations

Asheida offers Integrated Guided Meditations for a variety of needs ranging anywhere from daily relaxation and cleansing; to specifics including overcoming addictions, ailments and other habits in order to create positive change in one’s life. Asheida also takes personalized orders on request and which include a free twenty-minute consultation.

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  • Working with Asheida for the last four years has been a great experience for our company. All her work is completed in a timely way with very few retakes or need of direction. Her voice is angelic and the best part of our MP3 downloads. It is absolutely perfect for our hypnotherapy recordings although I think she would be great for any type of voice over work. She has done creative voices of children and animals for my children's stories and we are quite happy with her work.
    Mariah Shipp
    Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Asheida on several projects, including song-writing, music composition and voiceovers.  Her pitch perfect voice is soothing, inviting and unique.  Her technical skills are an added benefit to her already established arsenal of talent.  Her inescapable abilities, her inner beauty and her warm personality make Asheida an unbelievable unique individual who I can only witness go places fast."
    Matt Gionet
    Earworm Sound
  • Anxiety & Stress mp3: "I would like to thank Journeys Inward Hypnotherapy for the relaxation and stress and anxiety tapes that have allowed me to reduce my dose of Ativan considerably and still get a good night’s sleep.  Her voice is so mellifluous and her words truly have touched my core."
    Elle Harrow
  • Overcome Loneliness" "Again, right on the mark.....and when out of nowhere, suddenly I feel that "wave of Loneliness" come washing over me, (as so many of my "friends" disappeared after my divorce). I sit down and put that MP3 on and it again helps me so much! Asheida has such a "calming voice," it immediately puts me at "ease." I now sit with one of the recordings and can lose myself in it and come away "relaxed" and with a more positive attitude. I tell myself "OK, I can handle this." I feel myself getting back to who I used to be!
  • Deep Relaxation mp3: “I love the voice on this recording I feel like I am listening to an angel! Her voice makes me feel so comfortable. I can relax completely and I usually go right to sleep before even finishing listening to this recording!”
    B.B. - Colorado
While guided meditation has many beneficial effects, guided meditation is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention. Statements and products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure nor prevent any disease or illness. When dealing with a physical and/or mental illness or disease always consult a qualified physician or therapist. Asheida is a voice artist and is not a licensed health practitioner or hypnotherapist. Asheida offers her work as a voice artist to support those wanting to make positive changes in their life. Asheida reserves the rights to all content and recordings on this website.